Design 2008 - (c) Beran.Design
Programming 2008 - (c) Bernd Albrecht
Our group developed over the years several activities aimed to improve the general knowledge in cytometry. The purpose is to improve the participant's knowledge and performance in quantitative cell analysis and thereby support their scientific performance and their skills in presentation and publication. The intention of these different forms of teaching is to deepen the student's understanding.
To this end we organize
     cutting edge workshops and courses  
Furthermore, we perform two different forms of teachings in cytometry. Aim of these teaching classes is to increase the general knowledge in cytometry and improve practical and theoretical skill for the benefit of the scientific performance of the students and the respective laboratories.
     In-House teaching  

     On-Site teaching (the Portable Course)  
Herzzentrum Leipzig
Universität Leipzig
Leipziger Workshop
TRM Leipzig
Cytometry Part A
The Cytometry lectures from the advanced teaching class
 Day 1Introduction to Flow Cytometry I
  Introduction to Flow Cytometry II
  Flow Cytometry Lecture - Light and Matter
 Day 2Flow Cytometry lecture - Optical Systems
  Flow Cytometry Lecture - Light Sources and Optical Systems
  Flow Cytometry Lecture - Optical Filters
  Flow Cytometry Lecture - Detectors and Fluidics
 Day 3Flow cytometry lecture - Measurement and Signal Processing
  Flow Cytometry Lecture - Data Collection
 Day 4Flow Cytometry Lecture - Advanced staining
  Flow Cytometry Lecture - Cellseparation and sorting
  The Principles of Microscopy I